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Matjack Airbags

Matjack's unique construction of six layers of Kevlar Aramid fiber or five layers of woven steel, provide a lifting bag unequalled in strength and durability. All Matjack airbags are marked with a distinct "bulls-eye" center for ease of placement. All Matjack's come with a conical interlocking surface to limit slippage and aid in stacking. Matjack airbags come in eight sizes from the 1 ton mini-mat up to the 70 ton mat. Matjack airbags are equipped with replaceable connectors and are compatible with many other air bag brands. Whether purchasing an entire system or adding to an exiting system, see what the Matjack Advantage is all about. You will agree Matjack Airbags are simply the best.

Matjack Deadman Controller

Matjack's "state-of-the-art" deadman controller allows for independent or simultaneous operations of one or more airbags. High and low pressure airbags can be operated independently or together from the same air source. 


Matjack Airbag Control Kit

The Airbag Control Kit provides all the controls for all airbag operations in a compact, user-friendly kit.  The kit combines a high pressure regulator, dual "deadman" variable speed joystick controls and gauge in a rugged carrying case.  The kit deploys quickly and, with a few connections, is ready to inflate the airbags.  Two airbags can be operated at the same time with the kit.

Matjack Air Supply Hoses

Supply hose is available in six colors to eliminate confusion during simultaneous operation of airbags. The air hose has a working pressure of 300 psi and comes with quick disconnects. Colors are Red, Yellow, Gray and Blue.


Matjack Air Supply Regulators

Regulator are available for 4500 psi and 2200 psi SCBA cylinders. They comes as shown or with optional gauge guards.











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