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Genesis Series 13-C Vario Tool:

The Genesis Series 13c Vario Tool provides spreading, cutting and pulling capabilities in one compact package. The 13c Vario tool is perfect for departments with limited budgets, it can be combined with a M-One mini pump and hose to make an outstanding economical system. The tool has many features including a D-shaped handle, which can be rotated 360 degrees or totally removed for use in confined spaces. Over pressurization protection and quality construction provide for a long service life. The Genesis 13c Vario comes with an adjustable and removable "D" handle. Using the arm to spread produces more power, up to 18,000 lbs.

Genesis Series S-40 XL:

The Genesis Series S-40XL spreader provides power and versatility in a lightweight package. Like the S-50XL spreader, the S-40XL uses the same "Power Up Front" technology to give you power when you need it most. The power-to-weight ratio of this tool makes it a top performer. It is the ideal tool for automobile, bus and truck extrication. The S-40XL is the choice of progressive departments worldwide.

Genesis Series S-50XL:

You'll never ask for more power when you are using the Genesis S-50XL spreader. The S-50XL produces over 34,000 lbs. of force at the base of the tips and 32" of spread. The S-50XL uses "Power Up Front" technology to give more spreading force at the beginning of the spread. The S-50XL spreader's geometry provides greater force at the beginning of the spread, up to 40% more than comparable spreaders. The S-50XL if the tool for heavy rescue use. Trains, planes and automobiles...nothing can slow this spreader down.

Genesis Series DF-43:

The Delta Force spreader is compact and lightweight. It weighs 43 lbs. and is perfectly balanced to make evolutions seem effortless. The DF-43 is fast, opening in 9 seconds and closing in 8 seconds. Lightweight with high performance to make operations easy even for less experienced personnel. Like all our tools, the DF-43 has or excusive variable speed, push-button control valve. It allows the rescuer to have better control of the spreader in difficult situations. The DF-43 spreader provides all the power needed for most spreading, lifting and pulling situations.

Type of Spreader S - 40XL S - 50XL DF - 43
Spreading Force (max) - lbs/kN 29,000 / 132 34,500 / 156 18,800 / 85
Pulling Force (max) - lbs/kN 12,000 / 55 14,000 / 63 8,000 / 36
Weight - lbs/kg 43 / 19.5 43 / 19.5 43 / 19.5
Opening - inches/mm 28 / 711 32 / 813 24 / 610
Length - in/mm 32 / 813 33 / 838 31 / 787
Width - in/mm 9.75 / 248 13 / 330 10.25 / 260
Height - in/mm 8 / 203 9 / 330 7.5 / 191
Operating Pressure (max) - psi/bar 10,500 / 720 10,500 / 720 10,500 / 720
Shipping Weight lbs/kg 46 / 20.9 55 / 25 46 / 20.9
Part Number ART.059.952.2 ART.059.515.2 ART.DF43

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