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Quik Cut Airhammer Kit  

The Quik Kut Hammer Kit, like all Quik Series tools, is designed for fast deployment and ease of use.  Everything needed to operate this tool is provided in the heavy duty carrying case.  Simply attach the regulator to an SCBA cylinder and make two hose connections and its ready for use.  The Quik Kut Air Hammer can be operated up to 300 psi. for cutting power when you need it most.  Don't be fooled by imitations, get the best, the Quik Kut Hammer Kit from American Rescue Technology.

The Quik Kut Air Hammer Kit comes with the air hammer, 6 cutting bits, a regulator, 20' of air hose, tool oil and carrying case.  The Quik Kut Air Hammer is a pneumatic tool designed for use in heavy metal cutting situations.  This tool can rapidly cut through most obstacles on school buses, cars, trucks and aircraft.  The Quik Kut Hammer Kit can be used in many rescue operations from vehicle rescue to building collapse.  It is effective in cutting reinforced concrete, door hinges and Nader pins on cars, and many other common and not so common rescue obstacles.

The Quik Kut Hammer gets its power from its longer barrel and 4" of piston travel.  The longer piston stroke allows this tool to produce more power by giving the piston more time to accelerate and transfer more energy to the cutting bit.  The air hammer weighs only 6 lbs. and operates at 2200 blows/minute.  It is very compact, only 10" in length.  The air hammer has a normal operating range of 150-250 psi, but can be used up to 300 psi.  The air consumption is 10 CFM @ 150 psi.  The Quik Kut Air Hammer is constructed of an aircraft aluminum body and heat treated steel barrel.

Every Quik Kut Hammer Kit comes with 6 cutting bits.  The tool steel bits have a long service life and can be re-sharpened.  Each kit comes with the following bits: 7", 11" & 18" curved bits, 11" panel cutting bit, 18" flat chisel bit and an 18" bullpoint bit.  An optional 11" dual cutting bit is also available.

The Quik Kut Hammer Kit comes with a heavy duty regulator.  This regulator can be used with 2200 or 4500 psi SCBA cylinders.  This regulator is constructed of durable brass forgings and comes with a heavy duty gauge to protect the pressure gauges.  This regulator is ideal for use on rescue sites or anywhere there is a high degree of equipment abuse.

The Quik Kut Hammer Kit from American Rescue Technology is ideal for many rescue situation.  The air hammer can quickly cut through many obstacles on vehicles including door hinges, Nader pins and "A" posts.  Even the "A" post on school buses.  The Quik Kut Hammer Kit can also be used in confined space and building collapse situations.  Its' ability to cut through concrete and steel make it a valuable asset on any rescue scene.











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