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Genesis Series C-30 Mini-Cut:

The Genesis Series C-30 Mini Cutter is a compact cutter designed for one-hand operation. It is excellent for confined space use and is ideal for use under a vehicle dashboard. The C-30 Mini Cutter is used to cut brake pedals, steering wheel rings, gear shift levers...and most obstacles under a vehicle dashboard. The C-30 Mini Cutter can be used as a small spreader. The tip of the cutting blades have a machined surface for gripping. This spreading capability helps when placing the tool to make a cut. The Genesis Series C-30 Mini Cutter is designed for "one-handed" use. When working in confined spaces, the push-button control valve and lightweight make this tool easy to position. Besides being an excellent tool for vehicle rescue, it is also used for forcible entry and building collapse.

Genesis Series C90:

The Genesis C-90 Cutter is the lightweight leader. Power and lightweight in a compact package. The classic "C" blade design allows the user to wrap around the piece being cut. Perfect for roof posts, door hinges, Nader pins and seat brackets. The adjustable "D" shaped handle makes it easy to use this cutter in any position; even overhead. This classic cutter should be in every rescue arsenal.

Genesis Series C140:

The lightweight, compact design of the Genesis C-140 cutter make it perfect for those situation where a larger cutter won't fit.  The "D" handle can be removed to make the C-140 even smaller for those tight jobs. The serrated blades on the C-140 cutter require less force to make a cut. The serrations make many small cuts rather than one large one, this reduces the power needed for cutting. The C-140 cutter, power and speed in a compact design.


Genesis Series C150:

The Genesis C-150 Cutter offers the power and versatility of our C-180 cutter with the smooth blades of a conventional cutter.  The wide opening makes it possible to cut "B" and "C" posts with one cut. The longer blades make a deeper cut. The is especially useful when making relief cuts for third door conversations. The C-150 cutter easily cuts through steering columns, door hinges and Nader pins. The C-150 cutter has the power to get the job done.

Genesis Series C-180:

The Genesis C-180 Cutter is the ultimate cutting tool. This powerful, lightweight cutter is designed for heavy duty use. The C-180 cutter has enough power for use on buses, trucks or any disaster scene. The state-of-the-art blade design allows it to cut using less force. The serrations in the blades allow this cutter to cut through roof posts without the "pop" and movement associated with standard cutting blades. Power, dependability and lightweight make this the ultimate heavy rescue cutter.

Type of Cutter C - 90 C - 140 C - 150 C - 180
Cutting Force (max) - lbs/kN 58,000 / 260 58,000 / 260 90,000 / 405 90,000 / 405
Cutter Opening (max) - in/mm 4 / 102 5.25 / 133 6.5 / 165 7 / 178
Weight - lbs/kg 20 / 9.1 21 / 9.5 29 / 13.2 29 / 13.2
Length - in/mm 21 / 533 21.5 / 546 26 / 660 26 / 660
Width - in/mm 8.5 / 216 8.5 / 216 10.5 / 267 10.5 / 267
Height - in/mm 6.75 / 171 6.75 / 171 7.25 / 184 7.25 / 184
Operating Pressure (max) - psi/bar 10,500 / 720 10,500 / 720 10,500 / 720 10,500 / 720
Shipping Weight lbs/kg 23 / 10.4 24 / 10.9 32/14.5 32/14.5
Part Number ART.017.237.4 ART.180.604.1 ART.059.569.1 ART.059.947.6

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