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Genesis Rescue Systems

Spreaders: All Genesis Series spreaders are forged from aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a protective anodized finish. The spreading tips are forged from shock resistant tool steel. The State-of-the-art design provides maximum spreading force and the lightest possible weight, while providing an acceptable margin for safety.

Cutters: All Genesis Series cutters are forged from aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a protective anodized finish. The cutting blades are forged from shock resistant tool steel to withstand the tremendous forces these tools produce. All Genesis Series cutters come with an adjustable and removable "D" handle for ease of use and balance.
Combi-Tools: The Genesis Series Vario tools are forged from aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a protective anodized finish.  The blades are forged from shock resistant tool steel and heat treated to give the perfect combination of hardness and flexibility.  All Genesis Series tools have ergonomic push button control for fine-tuned precision handling.
Rams: All Genesis Series rams come in 6 sizes and 3 styles. 2 telescopic sizes, 3 push-pull sizes and the push-only mini ram. The rams are made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy and shock resistant tool steel. All surfaces are specially treated to resist corrosion and are ideal for use with automobiles, trucks, tractor trailers and other heavy equipment.
Accessories: All Genesis Series reels come in a variety of types and configurations. Hydraulic hose reels for all types of rescue tools, working air reels and cable reels for electric cable.  Each reel can be custom made to carry any amount hose or cable desired. We use the best quality components available to give outstanding performance in all of our reels.
Air Bags: The Matjack air lifting bag is a thin, reinforced, molded, inflatable jack. Matjack airbags can be positioned in tight or confined spaces with as little as one inch clearance. When inflated they can move up to 70 tons with the push of a button Matjack airbags are backed by the best warranty in the business, a full five years.
Kodiak Stabilization Systems: The Kodiak strut stores in a ready-to-go configuration. Simply add the appropriate extension, set the positive lock pin after extending the rod, and attach the hook to the vehicle then tighten the ratchet strap. This system can be deployed in less than 60 seconds!
Air Hammer: The Quik Kut Hammer Kit is designed for fast deployment and ease of use. Everything needed to operate this tool is provided in the heavy duty carrying case. Simply attach the regulator to an SCBA cylinder and make 2 hose connections and its ready for use. It can be operated up to 300 psi for cutting power when you need it most.
Excalibur Knife: The Excalibur is a quick response pneumatic tool that cuts through auto glass during rescue operations. Powered by the air from an SCBA cylinder, the Excalibur can remove windshields in as little as 10 seconds. The patented blade is designed to pulverize glass in a fashion which produces an edge on the glass that has no sharp shards. The Excalibur Knife for Life, the quickest way to remove a windshield.

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